"Be worthy of the greatest outcome"

                                                     John Berger, December 2019 (as Danays was leaving for L.A.)

“So powerful and accomplished.  Truly.  It rings with meaning … the highest, deepest, most intelligent level of work.  It will outlive us all.”

                                                                                                                    Robin Cracknell, photographer


"The re-framing of artifacts relating to women's experience in past culture ... Grim, poignant and graceful"

                                                                 John Seed writing for The Huffington Post, November 2017


“Danays’ poetic sculptures are imbued with the mysticism of the ancient White Goddess whose fertility and power wove itself into early Medieval iconography, now once more harnessed in Danays’ 21st century alchemy”.

                                                                                                                                                       Aya Peard


"Hugely ambitious and lyrical, with a beautiful use of space"

Grace, 2007 (above) shortlisted Danays as one of the UK's top five emerging sculptors, Le Prix de la Sculpture Noilly Prat, 2008

                                     Rachel Campbell-Johnston - Chief Art Critic, The Times Newspaper, London
Le Prix de la Sculpture Noilly Prat Judging Panelist, 2008
Grace, 2007 (above, previously entitled 'Tethys') shortlisted
Danays as one of the UK's top five emerging sculptors,
Le Prix de la Sculpture Noilly Prat, 2008


"Danays effects such radical juxtaposition with such remarkable craft"

Peter Frank, Art Critic, Los Angeles


"More than anything Sarah Danays work impresses me because of its ability to gain sweeping significance through a meticulous care for detail applied to idiosyncratic particulars"

Dr Ken Arnold, Head of Public Programmes, Wellcome Trust, London


"Danays has a great ability to see beyond normal physical levels on items she works with, and combines objects from different cultures and from nature making them a unique fusion of energies."

Christopher Cavey FGA & Associates, Gemologist, London


"Nearly twenty years ago I bought a piece from Sarah Danays from the Adam gallery in London. While it is now defunct her work – Billy remains in my collection and sadly while a bit moth-eaten it still retains its punch. The work part of a show called Child Crime features a large photo of a 1950's British lad with a slingshot. He wears a grey sweater that Danays had reproduced and which stands near by the image. It is a strong work that reflects how we see children and violence and with the memory of Sandy Hook so fresh in our minds it is more relevant than ever."

Michael Petry, American-born multi media artist and Director of MOCA, London


"We have been admirers of Sarah Danays' work since we met in 1994 and seen it develop from the most exquisite stitch through the juxtaposition of precious found objects to her latest project, carving marble and alabaster. There is an obsession with the perfection of process which, together with her discerning eye and wit, results in work that is always surprising, emotionally resonant and visually satisfying. Danays has a brilliant and seductive mind, guaranteed to unsettle as much as it fascinates."

Admiral Lord West and The Lady West, London


"Danays' artwork embraces the universe, it is magic seen first hand. Words alone cannot describe the intricate beauty Danays has connected in this vast universe. I am awe struck with the energy that comes from each one of her pieces that tells different stories about their origin. She is truly gifted in how she takes the viewer to different dimensions within each moment of glimpsing their significance".

Jennifer Shaffer, Spiritual Psychic Medium and Investigator, Los Angeles


"I'm struck by the exquisite aura of the "valued" and the great attention to museum-like display drawing focus to the antique element of Danays' work, but her photographs of the finished sculptures, assembled, are wonderfully shot with their black backgrounds, leaving us to contemplate the mysterious curves of these incredibly beautiful feminine limbs. There's a lot to think about critically here, and to discuss. I love the work and find it fascinating."

Paul Gervais, American artist, novelist and garden-designerr


"Truly original artist, working with the broken"

Vincent O'Connell, writer and director, Brighton, UK